International Conference on Innovation in Open and Distance Learning

Artificial Intelligence for Education

The use of artifical inteligent in education is growing fast in line with the development and advancement of information and communikcaiton technlogy. It also driven by UNESCO’s mandate that calls inherently for a human-centred approach to AI as AI and education can be implemented in three areas: learning with AI, learning about AI, and preparing the impact of AI on human life. While In the beginning, the use of AIEd mostly refers to intelligent tutoring system; currently it on the using of big data to perform complex tasks. AIEd reseach and implementation covers a wide range of themes and topics as it can be seen from both the management and pedagogical perpectives. Even though it is not limited in terms of themes,  this conference will welcome any themes related to AIEd research areas starting from improving administrative task and effectivens of teaching and learning both from teachers and students perspective including the roles of AI in education that has already and will change the future of education, e.g. automatic basic activities, student support systems, tailoring students learning activites, sharing the most beneficial learning resources between teachers and learners, helping the learners to build conceptual foundations, providing rule-free learning environment to avoid the fear of trial and error method. From the LMS perspective, the use of AI will covers elements as follows: learner modelling, open learning model, personlized learning, teachers and AI collaboration, tools for policy makers, administrators, teachers, and learning maeterilas or content developers.