International Conference on Innovation in Open and Distance Learning

Digital Macro Credential, Certification, and Lifelong Learning Journey

Digital macro credentials and certification provide a lifelong learning journey towards a new stream of education. The macro credentials and certification promote professionals to become qualified learners again — earning a more complete, high-quality, career-advancing program without stepping away from work or family obligations. A university-educated professional and students might be taking another degree or certificate program from other institutions simultaneously. This style of accessible learning benefitted institutions with insight to offer macro-credential programming, even after the pandemic. Often, institutions cannot maximize the value of salaries paid to faculty by enrolling more students in a physical classroom because of a finite supply of seats. Creating more student enrollment space online helps institutions increase enrollment funds, maximizing the value of faculty salaries. While the institution and its reputable experts develop a curriculum, the institutions take that high-quality course content and convert it into a modular format and various assessment and evaluation systems that mirrors the content and experience of the on-campus degree. While the same world-class industry-expert faculty provide instruction, this provides student support for large online cohorts. Limiting the burden on faculty while maximizing the reach of their world-class instruction is a crucial way to improve an institution’s bottom line sustainably.