International Conference on Innovation in Open and Distance Learning

Learning Management System: Interoperability and Shareability

Rapid development of information and communication technology along with the discovery of the Internet has changed the paradigm of distance education from conventional systems to e-learning. To support learning process in e-learning environment, the availability of  learning management system (LMS) has become a necessity. Given the complexity of educational needs from registration, learning process, assessment to reporting, using one platform to do all things is not recommended. To increase the efficiency and cost effectiveness of an LMS, integrating  LMS with various platforms is a must. Therefore, interoperability which defined as the ability to integrate various platforms into an LMS is one of the main concerns in utilizing an LMS. In addition to interoperability, shareability is also important in LMS. The shareability of an LMS will greatly determine how e-learning content taken from various sources can communicate with the LMS. The shareability of an LMS will increase its flexibility in managing e-learning content. So, study in LMS interoperability and shareability can improve the efficiency and flexibility of an LMS in supporting the learning process through e-learning.