A global impact of Information and Communicative Technologies (ICT) has been overtly bounded the development of higher education with hyper-modernization of the knowledge economy. The traditional higher education models have to undertake changes or reforms to respond to the post-industrial downturn. Trends such as globalization, internationalization, diversification, decentralization, deinstitutionalization, massification, and privatization of learning have been visible in higher education in most developed and developing countries in recent decades. A transition from an emancipatory conception of higher education into a higher education that emphasizes professional education and professional practice, and a continued shift in orientations, aims, and policies of higher education have persistently presence. Moreover, higher education institutions in the mainstream have attempted to integrate New Learning Technologies into student learning environments via various modes of instruction. In addition, an online learning approach has become an attractive mode of instruction for learners due to flexibility, robustness, inclusivity, accessibility, and quality. It is interesting to see that modern distance education that considered a last option for the learner, is now a viable opportunity for both educational providers and learners in higher education. The International Conference on Innovation in Open and Distance Learning will bring those intriguing issues and provide a forum of sharing, discussion, and consultation to nurture innovation in open and distance learning.

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Emerging Technologies in Education - EDUVERSE
  1. Web 3.0 and Social Networking
  2. Educational / Serious Games and Software
  3. Social and Digital Media
  4. Videos for Learning and Educational Multimedia
  5. Animation and 3D Applications
  6. Virtual and Augmented Reality
E-content Management and Development
  1. Digital Libraries and Repositories
  2. e-Portfolios
  3. User-Generated Content
  4. Open Educational Resources
  5. Learning Analytics
  6. Plagiarism and Intellectual Property Rights
  7. Knowledge Management
Technology in Teaching and Learning
  1. Learning and Teaching Innovations
  2. e-Learning Experiences/div>
  3. m-Learning: Mobile Applications and Technologies
  4. Blended Learning and Flipped Classroom
  5. Advanced Classroom Applications and Technologies
  6. Next Generation Classroom
  7. Online/Virtual Laboratories
  8. Open Universities and Distance Education
  9. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)
  10. Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  11. ICT and Digital Skills
  12. Educating the Educators
  13. Building Virtual Communities
Pedagogical Innovations
  1. Flipped Learning
  2. Collaborative and Problem-based Learning
  3. Game-based Learning and Gamification
  4. Active and Experiential Learning
  5. Creativity and Design Thinking
  6. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  7. Language Learning Innovations
  8. Assessment of Student Learning
  9. 21st Century Skills
New Trends in Research and Innovation in ODL
  1. Research Methodologies
  2. Academic Research Projects
  3. Research on Technology in Education
  4. Research Centres and Programmes
  5. Links between Education and Research
  6. Research Management
University-Industry Cooperation for Lifelong Learning
  1. University / Industry Experiences
  2. Workplace Learning
  3. Work Employability
  4. Entrepreneurship Education
  5. University / Industry / Government partnership
  6. Technology Transfer and Patents
  7. University Spin-offs and Start-ups

Keynote Speakers

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Aug 15 - Sept 30

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